VOIP and data partners

GG Consulting are proud to consider the following companies their VOIP and data partners:


Centracom's vision is to be the leading ICT provider in South Africa. We base this on the simple principle of doing basics right.

Centracom was founded in 2008 to consolidate all the Centartel Group Investment's offerings and provide a solution to replace traditional LCR(Least Cost Routing) technologies through a cheaper more efficient alternative - Voice over Internet Protocol known as VoIP.


Nashua ECN a division of Reunert Limited, was found in January 2005 with the specific aim of exploiting the impending liberalisation of the South African telecommunications market.

Nashua ECN has negotiated attractive wholesale termination rates with the incumbent national telephone networks and can provide customers with top quality voice services at discounted prices on the full range of fixed line call types.